Perks of Email Marketing

Most marketers make the mistake of dropping the prospects of email marketing stating that it is an old fashioned to that of the other platforms such as mobile and social media marketing. There are some professionals who will even try and convince that it is actually dead. This is not entirely true as reality shows that email still has a very strong influence when it comes to marketing and professionals. One should take advantage of it if they want to enjoy the benefits of it. Read on The Difference between Blog and Email Marketing

Below are some of the benefits of email marketing when compared with traditional forms of marketing.
Real time messages 

When dealing with email marketing, one will be delivering real time messages to the recipient which has proven in the past to be very effective in helping the users to make informed decisions. This is because the email can be constructed within a few hours making it possible to send “day off” mails. This comes in handy especially when the customer want to promote a special offer that is on for a limited time period or to reduce the stock. Unique real time messages can be sent to clients to arrive on special events such as anniversaries or birthdays making short time frames to their best friend.

Reduced effort and time 

Think about the effort and time that is spent structuring direct business to business or to consumer campaigns.  Spend time to gather information about Email Marketing.  For instance if a telesales campaign has to be constructed, they have to print postal mailing where designers have to come up with the proper material before it is posted to the receivers. However,with email marketing one need perhaps less than 2 hours to take advantage of recurring email templates. The mailcopy is then approved before it is sent out to everyone on the mailing list. Work that could have taken a few weeks is done by one employer in a few hours.

Communication more frequently

Email marketing also makes it possible for marketers to communicate more frequently with their customers. This is for the simple reason that it takes less time to create when compared with other marketing campaigns thus gives a chance to communicate with the customers as frequently as one would like to. This helps to increase levels of trust which can help to take the business to the next step.

Return on investment 

In the business world, one will agree that results are all that matters. Taking this into consideration, the main reason why the business should invest in email marketing is the fact that it helps with fantastic returns on investment. Expert studies show that one can end up getting at least 40% or more from the money they have invested in the first place. In line with this, it is also important to note that it helps in reducing the overhead costs. This is because this type of marketing can actually work with low overhead costs since there is no need of many employees, marketing analysts or designers. The clients will also not have to pay for post mailing, printing, advertising rates and phone lines. Get Involved in the world’s first SEO UNconvention at Ungagged and  can learn from the experts regarding any topics on internetmarketing.