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The IM (Internet Marketing) world has exploded in terms of activity and revenue generations over the years. Over the last decade the number of online businesses has multiplied exponentially to reflect the massive potential of the internet as a business platform. One of the ways that internet marketers and entrepreneurs keep pace with the ever-evolving trends of the internet are through high power forums, such as BHW (Black Hat World), and the conferences that are held annually.

IMConference was founded by Ivan Kokuti in order to provide an invaluable service to those individuals who desire to attend these conferences, but are not able to, for one reason or another. Ivan is a moderator on the BHW forum and he understands how beneficial and influential these conferences can be in guiding internet marketers and entrepreneurs to the stage of success.

IMConference will send a representative to these important conferences to listen, take note and evaluate the information that is shared there. Once the conferences have ended, IMConference provides a comprehensive report of all of the details and valuable information that was shared at the conference. This service allows those individuals and companies that would otherwise miss out on the conference to benefit as well.

The IMConference representative will discuss what they learnt during the conference and how they feel it may apply to IM in a practical sense. They will also go into detail about the speakers that were featured at the conference and the latest trends they revealed.

The services offered through IMConference provide options to individuals and companies alike, in which they don’t have to function under the pressure of trying to make it to every conference in order to remain ahead of the curve. At IMConference, we understand that the information revealed at these conferences is vital, but we also have a lucid understanding that there are often pressing issues that need your attention and pulling away to attend the next “huge” SEO conference may not be feasible. This is why you can count on us to provide you with a conference play-by-play. We promise not to leave out any of the juicy details. It is the equivalent to having a virtual assistant that you can send to the conference to take notes on your behalf.

With IMConference you will be treated to cutting edge ideas that can be integrated into your current strategies to boost conversion rates and profit margins. This service has the potential to change your entire development strategy.

IMConference will be attending the upcoming BHW Conference. Black Hat World is one of the leading internet marketing forums in existence on the internet and there will be tons of great ideas and innovative strategies discussed.




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